May - 23

E Cigarettes: A New Way To Smoke

There is a new way for smokers to get their daily dose of nicotine. This one does not smell, burn, or even force one to inhale tons of toxic chemicals. I am not talking some nicotine patch or gum. This is way more cool than that. Electronic cigarettes are the new way to smoke. Electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes as they are nicknamed, are not just part of some game you play on your iPad. These are real smokable cigarettes, without the baggage that comes with smoking tobacco. From afar, few will be able to tell that an electronic cigarette smoker is not holding a Marlboro between his lips. These are shaped just like cigarettes, but are made out of plastic or some other permanent material. There are three basics components to an e cigarette. The first is a disposable liquid which is mainly water laced with nicotine. Sometimes some agents are laced in the liquid to give it a certain flavor to either mimic certain types of cigarette tastes or create new ones which are not possible with normal cigarettes. A rechargeable battery also sits in the e cigarette. The final component is an electronic nebulizer that uses electricity from the batter to vaporize part of the liquid. Generally e cigarettes are activated by mechanical sensors that detect an inhale breath. That completes the circuit which causes the nebulizer to release nicotine water vapor while a red LED on the other end often lights up to imitate the red glow of a normal cigarette. Unlike tobacco smoke, there are not hundreds of smelly toxins lacing the vapor. It is mainly water and nicotine. This latter fact is very important for those smokers who are sick and tired of being kicked out of restaurants and night clubs because they want to smoke. If you live in the northern latitudes in winter, those trips outside can be quite cold as well. Since e cigarettes are not tobacco products, they are not covered by the smoking bans in most municipalities. In fact, few would object to anyone "lighting up" an electronic cigarette because there is no alarming odor and no risk of ashes ruining the floor or carpet. There are other conveniences to smoking an e cigarette. One no longer needs to hunt for an ash tray or carry a lighter around with you. You can also stop buying that ultra strength toothpaste meant to get those stains out of your teeth that come with a lifetime of conventional smoking. The only potential inconvenience is the necessity of having to charge a battery every now and then if one is a heavy smoker. One can always carry a spare battery or e cigarette if this becomes a significant issue. The biggest benefit of all is to your personal health. As you are no longer inhaling all the toxic tobacco components, you should have a lower risk of major chronic diseases going forward. If you really want to kick the habit entirely, including the nicotine craving, the e cigarette is a great way to ease yourself out of the habit. There are different strengths of nicotine e liquids. Simply taper off the amount you use over time from high to low, until you find that you can get away with no nicotine. If you still like the tactile feel of smoking, you can even transition to nicotine free vaping e-liquid over time. E cigarettes represent a new way to smoke. Their convenience, safer profile, and lower price make them a highly compelling prospect for those people who find themselves addicted to smoking.