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Why E Cigarettes Might Be The Right Choice For You

Smoking might be fun, energizing, and often relaxing, but it can have serious effects on your health. I know you want to stay on this earth a very long time. Well, that’s just not going to happen unless you put down the cigarette. Just because you can’t smoke the regular, smokey, old tobacco you’re used to, doesn’t mean you have to give up your vice entirely. There’s a way to enjoy the sensation of smoking, without there being any smoke. It’s called an E cigarette.

E cigarettes are much healthier for the lungs. This is because they don’t product smoke which can cause damage, and cancer. They produce perfectly harmless water vapor. The water vapor in an electronic cigarette contains nicotine which can help calm a craving. It also feels like smoking. I know you might miss the taste of smoking, and that’s why they have tobacco flavored cartridges.

A lot of people don’t realize how many health problems regular cigarettes can cause. There are thousands of chemicals in a single cigarette that can cause hundreds of different cancers. Doctors have found a link to stomach cancer, prostate, and breast, just to name a few. If you’d like to avoid these, you might consider purchasing yourself an electronic cigarette.

We all have to deal with the off putting odor when we smoke regular cigarettes. You might notice your kids complain about you smelling like smoke. Perhaps your wife hates kissing you and getting that awful taste of tar in her mouth? The electronic cigarette doesn’t produce an odor on you, or in the room. It’s nice to be able to go to job interviews not smelling like tobacco, as employers will judge us for it.

The cartridges are fairly inexpensive, and last a few packs. This comes in handy with today’s cigarette prices. The best part? You aren’t tempted to smoke more then you need too. That’s really what saves people money. When you have a regular cigarette, you feel like you need to finish it. When you put an electronic cigarette down, you’re not wasting anything.

Are you a women? Then I think you know what the cigarettes are doing to your skin. The smoke drys it out. At first, we might just notice some bagging under the eye, but later the damage gets worse. Many physicians find that their patients are much more prone to wrinkles when they smoke because of the drying effect it has on their skin.

There are a few safety rules you should remember when you’re considering an electronic cigarette. Remember to never use nicotine gun while smoking an electronic cigarette. Using two nicotine products at the same time could lead to an overdose. This goes for the patch, and any other nicotine containing product.

Using electronic cigarettes is a great way to wen yourself off nicotine when trying to quite. Just remember to replace the cartridges with lower nicotine ones so you can slowly wen yourself off of it in a comfortable way. If you continue to smoke a lot, even on an E cigarette, you will remain addicted.

No longer will you have to excuse yourself in the middle of the working day because you need to go for a smoke. You’ll be able to stay in, and use a non-offensive electronic cigarette at your desk. This will keep you satisfied, alert, smelling great, and in perfect health. Wouldn’t you like to be able to smoke anywhere? The only thing you need, an electronic cigarette! There cheaper, cleaner, and so much cooler. Why smoke the old fashion way?